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Name:Jessica Rae Sanderson
Birthdate:Mar 21
Location:West Village, New York, United States of America
Website:♥ dream like new york

Jessica Rae Sanderson (or Jessie-Rae to her folks) was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee until she finished high school and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts to go to Harvard Medical School. Before Jessica was born, her mother, Oakley Cassidy, was a nationally known country music superstar who ended up marrying her music producer, Bobby Sanderson. Jessica was a surprise for the newlyweds and conceived on their honeymoon in Vegas. Although unplanned, she was a pleasant surprise and she was born right into the Nashville country music scene, which is exactly how she was raised. Her childhood was all about country music and playing in her mom's dressing rooms during her gigs. Oakley performed right up to her eighth month of pregnancy, and she was back to writing her next album by the time Jessica was three weeks old; an album which was full of songs about her new daughter and being a mother.

Jessica's upbringing wasn't conventional, but it was happy. She has a lot of memories of being surrounded by musical and country folk who were like a big family to her. She never got any siblings, but had many kids like brothers and sisters around her so she was social from a young age. She was a bit of a tom-boy, liked to ride horses, get dirty, play Cowboys and Indians with the boys, and tearing around the music studio sitting on her daddy's lap watching her mommy record her music through the glass. Jessica was home-schooled until high school age, which is when Oakley insisted that her daughter needed a normal high school experience under her belt if she wanted to go to college like they planned. They knew Jessica wasn't musical, so she wouldn't be following in their footsteps. An education so she could find her own path was vital.

It took Jessica about two thirds of her freshman year at high school to find her feet in school, but she didn't have any troubles making friends. Once word got out who her mom was, her popularity began to soar and by the time she got to her sophomore year, she was well ingratiated into the "popular" crowd and joined the cheerleading squad. She had a bunch of friends she went to the mall with, had sleepovers with, gossiped, and did what teenage girls generally did. When the vice captain of the cheer squad moved school, Jessica was appointed the position but she never really felt comfortable in it. It was more out of obligation than anything else, same as when she accepted the captaincy the next year and held the next round of try-outs. She was in a lot of extra-curricular clubs, and in her senior year made both Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen. However, by this time, Jessie had thrown in the towel on cheerleading entirely, having made the decision over the summer before her final school year that this popularity thing meant nothing to her, and nor did all the extra-curricular things she had been roped into just to be nice. She was more of an academic person deep down, loved to read and enjoyed studying. All the rest of the stuff wouldn't last, as far as she was concerned.

Instead, she decided she wanted to shoot for Med School, so she had to buckle down and study like hell to get there. It paid off when she was offered a place at Harvard. However, up to that point, her life hadn't just consisted of being in the popular crowd. It was at the tail end of sophomore year that she managed to catch the eye of fellow sophomore, Cody Gossett, Jr., and it was deifnitely a mutual attraction. Cody, really not failing in the confidence stakes, didn't hesitate in asking her out and after a date to the movies, they started dating officially and become the It Couple of the school.

It didn't take long before they were head-over-heels for each other and were the epitome of high school sweethearts. Unlike Jessica, Cody wasn't very academic or getting very good grades, but her parents still adored him. In fact, Mr Sanderson had a soft spot for Cody and they got along well. It was through Mr Sanderson that Cody nurtured his own interest in music and wanted to get into the same career path as his girlfriend's father, who had already began teaching him a lot of the tricks of the trade. What Jessica never knew, however, was that Cody always harboured an inner worry that he wasn't good enough for her. As time went on, especially with her determined to make Med School, he began to worry he would hold her back. Jessica was oblivious because he never confessed his insecurities to her. When Jessica started to apply for some big-named colleges, Cody's insecurities grew and in an honourable attempt to try to set her free from the burden of a less-than-adequate boyfriend who would only hold her back, he made a mistake that would cost them both dearly... with the crash and burn of their relationship.

It was a prom after party where they had been crowned Prom King and Queen. Jessica took ill and went home, but the next day, rumours were rife that Cody had slept with one of Jessica's ex-cheerleading team mates, Ruby Dixon, a vile bitch with a slutty reputation who had hated Jessica from day one. Jessica was devastated and crushed beyond belief. At first, she didn't believe Cody would do that to her. She didn't want to believe it, so she confronted him about it in tears, begging him to tell her it wasn't true. He never did, and a few days later, Jessica got her letter in the mail confirming her acceptance into Harvard. She never spoke to Cody again. She never knew that Cody never did, in fact, sleep with the slutty cheerleader and that it had all just been fake rumours to try to win Cody for herself. Cody never denied them because he saw it as a perfect opportunity to set Jessica free, she would hate him and could walk away into the sunset to her dream college without having the burden of him hanging off her.

Jessica did just that, though it wasn't such a fairytale ending. She left Nashville heavy-hearted and miserable, but took on board her parents' encouragement that Harvard and Boston would be a new start for her. She never really got over Cody, she just buried the feelings deep down inside to forget about them and tried to fill the whole dating the odd nerdy academic type at Harvard. Nothing ever stuck, though. She compared each and every one to Cody. In the end, she swore off dating and focused on college, where she graduated with her MD and went on to a Residency in Addiction Medicine. After completing her Residency, Jessica has now moved to the West Village in New York and started a new job as an Addiction Specialist based within Mount Sinai Hospital, with her first set of patients including Cole Carrington, Noah Cameron, and Dillon O'Leary.

Jessica's best friend and room mate is Destina Alvarez, who she met at a Drug & Alcohol conference in New York two years ago. Even though Destina lived in New York and Jessica on campus at Harvard at the time, they stayed in touch, meeting regularly for coffee and finding a friendship blooming. When Jessica got her job in New York, they decided to get a place together, and now find themselves working together and often sharing patients with Destina being a Drug Counsellor for recovering addicts. She is content and and finds her work very rewarding, but occasionally her mind wanders back to home and wonders what Cody is up to and what her life would be if they never broke up...

"You're still the one I run to, the one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
You're still the one that I love, the only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night"

- Still The One, Shania Twain -

Jessica exists for musebox/PSL, ♥ dreamlikenewyork.
She is an original character for RP purposes only. PB is Victoria Justice.
No infringement intended, for fun only.

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